High Caliber Solutions has been in business since 1983. To put that in perspective, the CP/M operating system was still dominant and WordStar was a hot application back then. There was no IBM PC and Microsoft had not yet gone public. We entered the personal computer business as a software publisher, bringing to market one of the world's first contact managers, long before programs like Act! and Microsoft Outlook existed.

Over the past 20 years, High Caliber evolved from a software publisher into a soup-to-nuts PC service provider. This means that we can now help businesses and non-profits with everything from repairing and upgrading their PC's, installing and troubleshooting networks, connecting them to the Internet, configuring e-mail, creating and hosting their web sites, and creating custom web-based solutions for them. We can also provide more advanced solutions in many areas including business continuity, application hosting, network security, data protection and email management.

Our experience and broad range of talent give us the ability to offer a full spectrum of services in a timely and cost-effective manner. This coupled with our focus on solving problems for our clients and paying attention to their bottom line is what sets us apart.

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