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A webinar is a web seminar. More and more companies are using webinars to reach out to customers, prospects and employees. An effective online presentation is just one requirement for a successful webinar. You need additional infrastructure to promote the event, register attendees, conduct the webinar and follow-up with the attendees. We provide the tools and services to help you every step of the way.

There are 5 steps to a successful webinar:

  1. Planning and Setup - getting ready
  2. Marketing and Promotion - inviting your audience
  3. Registration and Confirmation - who is coming
  4. Webinar Preparation and Execution- the main event
  5. Follow-up and Closure - who attended; who didn't

Whether this is your first webinar or you are an old pro, we ensure that your event is a success, the first time and every time.

Planning and Setup

As part of your webinar planning, you determine your target audience and message, the date and time of the session(s), your speakers, and the basic marketing plan to invite your guests. You may also decide to limit the size of the session, charge a fee, or screen the registrants before they are allowed to join. We can help you decide these options.

Setting up a session is easy.

  • We can customize a 'Landing Page' to promote your webinar.
  • You can even specify a registration fee for your event. We collect the fee from your registrants via our secure connection with VeriSign (High Caliber charges a handling fee for this service.).
  • Visitors to your Landing Page can easily click through to a Registration Page where we prompt them for the information that you specified and record their responses in a registration database.
  • Online access to the the registration database lets you keep track of who has registered for your event. You can view the registration data online or download it in Microsoft Excel format.
  • Confirmation and reminder emails are automatically sent to your registrants to give them clear instructions for attending your event.
  • We can apply your logo to the landing and registration pages and the emails.

Marketing and Promotion

Now that your webinar is set up, you need to gather your audience. An email is the most effective method to invite your guests to your webinar. You can use in-house lists of customers, prospects, colleagues or members. You can also purchase a targeted list of likely parties interested in your webinar topic. We can help you manage this process. We have a great email template that includes all of the key features of a successful webinar invitation which are:

  • A personalized salutation
  • A summary of the webinar content and reasons to attend
  • Links to the Registration and Landing pages
  • Speaker information
  • A personalized closing
  • Opt out links
  • The ability to forward the webinar invitation to a friend or colleague
  • You can send the email from your server or we can manage your email list for you. The tool we use keeps track of bounces, opens, click through's, forwards and opt outs. Plus your email list is updated for any opt outs.

Be sure to include a link on the your web site to the webinar Landing Page. Other traditional forms of marketing generally direct prospects to your web site or provide a toll free number. We provide the tools to allow you to easily register callers while on the phone or we can answer your reservation number for you.

Webinars and online meetings let you reach out to dispersed audiences made up of customers, prospects, employees and constituents at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face events. High Caliber will help you manage all of the complexity surrounding online events including, the technology, presenter training, promotion, registration, sending reminders, generating feedback, and follow-up with your attendees.

Here are some ways that organizations are leveraging this powerful communications medium:

  • Training sessions and workshops
  • Generating new sales leads
  • New product/service launches
  • Press conferences
  • Sales meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Board of Directors meetings
  • Business Plan presentations
  • Collaborative team meetings
  • Continuing education/professional development courses

But the technology and the logistics involved in running a successful online meeting can be daunting. Our seasoned event team will help you select the options that best suit your needs. We will manage your event every step of the way from planning, rehearsal, delivery to follow up. Conducting a Webinar has never been easier. We provide a soup-to-nuts array of services to help you before, during and after your online event:

  • Before Your Event:
    • Marketing and promotion
    • Registration web site
    • Payment processing
    • Attendee reminders and instructions
    • Help and advice regarding presentation materials (e.g. PowerPoints, diagrams, surveys, etc.)
    • Configuration of online meeting/webinar tools
    • Training in the use of the webinar/online meeting tools
    • One-on-one training in online presentation technique
    • Practice sessions and critique of presentation
  • During Your Event:
    • Final setup and "mic check"
    • Meeting moderation (audience prep, introductions, fielding questions)
    • Presenter assistance and hand-holding
    • Technical support for attendees
    • Event recording
  • After Your Event:
    • Attendance, poll, survey, participation and interest level reports and analysis
    • Followup email blasts
    • Overall effective assessment and suggestions for future events


Increase Sales: Webinars can increase sales by measuring the interest level of your audience and arming your sales representatives with the data they need to convert this interest into additional revenue. Interest rating technology allows your sales department to focus their follow-up attention on hot prospects, lowering your overall cost per lead. Extend your company's reach and reduce your sales cycle with powerful sales-oriented webinars.

Reduct Costs: Webinars can be held online with anyone, anywhere. They can significantly reduce costs by decreasing travel and customer acquisition expenses. Using High Caliber's tools and support services, webinars and online meetings can be set up quickly and easily, all for one flat fee per event.


Attendee Registration

High Caliber will set up a web page branded with your logo that explains and promotes your webinar, a branded registration page to gather contact information from attendees, and send automated confirmation and reminder emails to give your attendees clear instructions for joining your event. We also give you access to an online database so you know exactly who registered for your event and can download the data for use in your CRM or other systems.

Tools And Technology

Our integrated web conferencing solution provides a central online meeting place for people all over the world. With a simple click of the mouse, you can present PowerPoint slides, run a software demonstration, or even hold brainstorming sessions using a whiteboard. Voice communication is handled via conference call.

You can share your desktop and any application running on it and pass control of your PC over to a participant at any time. White boarding and screen sharing allow everyone to take down notes and share ideas in real time. You could also share entire files with everyone in attendance. Your audience gets to share in the interactive environment as well. Polling, Q&A capabilities, and live chat enhance their experience.

We will setup and configure our state-of-the-art online meeting and webinar software specifically for the type of event you are running. Presenters will have access days before the event for training and "dry runs" with our trained specialists. And, of course, we will be there with you shortly before and during the actual event.

Webinar Marketing Services

High Caliber offers additional services to support the marketing, promotion and management of your webinars.

Custom Webinar Banner Logo

We will create a custom banner logo for use on the various invitation, landing, registration and confirmation pages using images from your website or a graphic you provide.

Branded Promotional Email

Our branded promotional email meets the anti-spam requirements and is loaded with special features including:

  1. A personalized greeting inserting the invitees name from your list database.
  2. A custom banner logo
  3. Links to your branded registration page
  4. An option to forward an invitation to a friend or colleague.
  5. The ability for the recipient to Opt out which automatically updates your list database
  6. A personalized closing, providing the contact information of the host.

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Learn how High Caliber Solutions can handle all of the complex details involved in running an online event so you can focus on delivering your message. Call us at (212) 684-5553 and let High Caliber Solutions make your first or your next online event a huge success!


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