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The use of mobile devices to access the Internet is expected to exceed desktop and laptop access sometime in 2014. The mobile device's role as a powerful tool for deploying business applicatons can no longer be ignored. Your clients or constituents are demanding mobile access to critical information.


High Caliber has been creating mobile applications for Apple and Android devices for over 3 years. Your employees can almost certainly benefit from being able to access important information that is now locked up on your file server. And you may be able to bring service levels to new heights by empowering your customers with mobile access to data and functionality they can't get anywhere else.

Examples of mobile apps we have written:

  • Allow art gallery sales staff to search for and present high resolution images and provenances to prosepective clients at art shows and within their gallery
  • Consolidate job, forum, news, leads and email listserv posts into one convenient, timely feed and deliver it to a non-profit organization's constituents
  • Enable field engineers to gather and share facility-related information in real-time

Let's sit down and explore how you and your organization can leverage this booming technology.


Mobile apps are about empowering your employees and customers. They are about convenience. They are about timeliness. Some mobile apps can help people "serve themselves" at their convenience which makes them happy and reduces your customer service load. Mobile apps can let you deliver critical information and also provide people with new ways to share information. They can add value to the products or services you offer, create a closer bond between you and your constituents and enable you to collect information as well.

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