Internet Connection Failover


Losing your Internet connection for even a short time can bring your business to a grinding halt. Loss of email, ability to remotely connect to critical cloud-based applications or your own infrastucture is unacceptable.


High Caliber can install our proprietary routing appliance which will provide you with an industrial strength firewall and automatic Internet connection failover. If one of your bandwidth providers goes down, you won't.


Being dependent on a single Internet provider is very risky. If your provider is having problems keeping your Internet connection up and running, then chances are you are having serious problems too. Our proprietary solution is designed to sense when you lose connectivity and to automatically switch you over to a second Internet service provider when you do seamlessly and automatically. This machine is highly redundant itself and will also provide you with a very, very serious firewall that will prevent unauthorized users from accessing your network. All of this at a price a small or medium sized organization can afford.

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