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Educating and training people that are geographically dispersed has become more and more difficult in today's fast-paced world.

For a school or non-profit that provides educational services to its constituents, overcoming scheduling barriers and getting enough people to make a course financially viable is a challenge.

For organizations trying to train their workers, training facilities, transportation / lodging, and lost productivity drive training costs through the roof.


High Caliber offers both proprietary, turnkey distance learning/training solutions as well as support services for off-the-shelf systems available from third parties.

Proprietary Solution

High Caliber's proprietary Distance Learning system provides a unique and cost-effective solution to the educational service delivery problems outlined above. Our versatile system can accommodate self-paced (asynchronous), real-time (synchronous) and hybrid learning models.

  1. Course material can be delivered via email, web site download, threaded discussion lists and blogs.
  2. Instructors can deliver course material and interact with students in real-time using our Virtual Classroom's collaborative whiteboard, voice, text-based messaging, and web content push features.
  3. Students and instructors can interact at their convenience via threaded discussion lists and email listservs.

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Outsourced Design, Implementation and Support Services

High Caliber is also a distance learning outsourcing vendor. DL solutions can be quite complex and require a broad range of expertise to implement. We can work with you to design a system that meets your organization's unique requirements, select an appropriate third-party software platform, and/or expedite the rollout of the infrastructure required for a first class distance learning system. We can even provide ongoing hosting, help-desk, and courseware creation services, as well as on-site support and training for faculty and/or students.


Organizations can cut education and training costs dramatically. Lost productivity due to travel and out-of-office training centers is minimized. Training material can be organized and stored in a logical, and easily accessible manner. Geographically dispersed audiences can be educated at a fraction of the cost of using traditional learning models. Outsourcing the technology and support aspects of your distance learning program to High Caliber allows organizations to focus on educating their constituents.

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